Face Up To Fred

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2010 Season

firefox-gray Episode 1 - Joe Symmon � For Governor. . At last, a candidate for Governor who is not a career politician. Politicians have gotten us into the mess our nation and state are in. Out with the politicians and in with the real people. But Who? Joe Symmon believes he has the leadership skills and integrity to turn his back on politics as usual and pull California back into a renaissance of its glory days



firefox-gray Episode 2 - Joe Symmon � Family first after God . Joe Symmon�s Pledge. This brief announcement from Joe Symmon is where he makes his pledge to the people of California as a Gubernatorial candidate. He then goes on to elaborate on how his philosophy of �Family first after God,� is the core of his overall plan for an improvement of every facet of a better standard of living for all of California�s people



firefox-gray Episode 6 - “What’s With That Helmet?” – Since the story of Richard Fine takes study that can last for days, weeks or even months, Dennis asked Fred to stop by the studio and give as complete a synopsis as possible in ten minutes. He felt that a quick overview would help as a starting point for people who are new to the story. The helmet was a silly oversight that we decided to keep. Much to our surprise, people overwhelmingly liked it.