Face Up To Fred

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2009 Season

firefox-gray Episode 1 - Tony Troy's story. The story of Tony Troy is one that not only includes corruption and the common gender bias that all men experience in family law court, it also includes racism. Tony Troy has a case that has never been judged in court because Tony has been denied the right to tell it. Tony has been stripped of his reproductive rights. When you come to know Tony's case, you find that his children's welfare has been disregarded.



firefox-gray Episode 2 - Ramon Coronel's story. Ramon Coronel came to our country a penniless teenager who knew no one. He, motivated by an unwavering desire to join the space program, overcame incredible odds to become an aerospace engineer. Supporting himself at minimum wage and putting himself through school, this man realized his dream. His only question, why am I supporting some woman who refuses to be responsible for herself?



firefox-gray Episode 3 - Jason Jem's story. Faced with a problem that could not be solved by the "professionals", Jason Jem launched his own scholarly study as to why his marriage was dysfunctional. Jason's fascinating findings reveal a whole new view as to why some people might not be able to function normally in society. Jason's quest to find answers, has led him to discover ground breaking scientific research in the study of human behavior.



firefox-gray Episode 4 - “The #1 sleeper story in America today.” This is by far the most extreme example of judiciary corruption we have seen in our experience. Los Angeles judges have been knowingly taking constitutionally illegal pay since 1987. Richard Fine, a famous attorney who has saved tax payers over a billion dollars in his career, has caught these judges and the supervisors who pay them. Richard Fine tells us the story and how to take back our justice system.


firefox-gray Episode 5 - Trina Covarrubias Founder of "We the Parents"-- – “Whose children are these?” the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has run amok in Los Angeles and throughout America. A mother who can’t raise her own children, a father with no parental rights, children alienated from there own parents, a marriage divided by an institutional agenda and a family with no hope of reunification. How could that be in the best interest of any child?


firefox-gray Episode 6 - Le Roy Marshall Reparations! The very word screams 'cvil rights'. Institutions who adopt a policy that is injurious to a specific group of its members must acknowledge the injury, atone or apologize for that injury and make restitution or REPARATIONS. Le Roy cites examples as far back as the Biblical book of Exodus up to the Nazi Holocaust. Le Roy explains that the American government's forty year war on men has left America with a new social set that is due reparations. Men, yes, but especially FATHERS.


firefox-gray Episode 7 - Le Roy Marshall – Targeted! (After our last show, a viewer located Le Roy's alleged children in Arizona) Le Roy returns to explain to a pair of twins who might be his own children, why he was estranged from them for their whole life of nineteen years. He explains that a woman targeted him for slavery and how the government and medical establishment supported and funded that action. He introduces his Heritage Protection Act and National Family Policy legislation.


firefox-gray Episode 8 - Eileen Theofanous-Lasher - $440,000 for what? When San Diego County employee Eileen brought documented charges of abuse by her police officer husband, she was charged by family court with attempting “Parental Alienation Syndrome” against him. She was separated from her children by the court for six years, while the court alienated them from her. They returned to her at 16 of their own accord.


firefox-gray Episode 9 Ronald Russom – Part 1 Who knew what one illegal Mexican immigrant could do? - Ronald who was born and raised in America entered a relationship with a woman expecting that he was working within a system that he understood from a life time of experience. Little did he know that there were “rule changes” that would ruin him.


firefox-gray Episode 10 - Ronald Russom – Part 2 Who knew what the Family Court System could do?

Being victimized by his wife was one thing, but he learned that there was a whole system of illegal “chain immigration” tactics that abuse American men as a vehicle for circumventing normal immigration procedures. Ronald describes how this machine “stops at nothing” as it destroys American men’s lives