Face Up To Fred

Pandemic Common Sense. In Pro Per.

2008 Season

firefox-gray Episode 1 - Men have liberated women but have forgotten to liberate themselves. Unfair gender bias against men in family court hurts men, women, children and grand parents alike. Courts, with the help of the media, have developed a paradigm of disparagement of men to smoke-screen their program of victimization of America's families.

firefox-gray Episode 2 - The disposability of the American man. Gender bias against men in their role in society, has left them with an underclass status. Shortened age longevity, war death, work related death, street crime, violence and suicide, are vastly more detrimental or are perpetrated on men. Women are much more protected against the violence of life than men.

firefox-gray Episode 3 - The myth of the gender wage gap. The ridiculous idea that women are doing work equal to men in this country is discussed. Men earn more money than women because they are compelled to do more work. False statistics that show that women earn less money are explained. Women simply have not stepped up take jobs that only men are willing to do. “Equal pay for equal work” does not work for women.

firefox-gray Episode 4 - Happy FatherLESS Day. The Friday before father's day has come to be known as FatherLESS Day. People all over America demonstrated their dissatisfaction with family court on this day. The idea that feminists have created a philosophy where men are nothing more than wallets and sperm donors is discussed, along with Title IV-D and its infamous “general fund.”

firefox-gray Episode 5 - Parental Alienation Syndrome Part 1. Parental Alienation is defined. A film clip of Dr Warren Farrell is featured with his dissertation on the terrible effect of PAS on children. Dr Farrell shows a scholarly study explaining why the father is the preferred parent for primary custody. PAS is child abuse. The fact that it is not acknowledged by family court is egregious.

firefox-gray Episode 6 - PAS Part 2. First, a tribute to the late Reverend Ronald Smith and his book, “Cheated.” The possibility of the failure of the American Psychiatric Association to acknowledge PAS is linked to radical feminist politics. Family court's conspirator participation and its lack of acknowledgement of its role in this child and parent abuse is brought to light.

firefox-gray Episode 7 - PAS Part 3. The story of a family, and the long reaching effect of PAS on all of its members. The court's promotion of interstate relocation and its result of dual funding to both courts. The incredible fact that America spends as many tax dollars on “the war on families” as it does on the war in Iraq. 85% of PAS is perpetrated by women as reported in the book “Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome.”

firefox-gray Episode 8 - Domestic Violence Misconceptions. The truth is, DV is perpetrated virtually equally by men and women. This is masked by a bombardment of false charges by feminist trained women. Inequity is facilitated by the fact that there are many services for women and virtually none for men. False DV charges are the “prized gemstone” of the war on men. Hateful women have “projected” their own violent tendencies on men.

firefox-gray Episode 9 - DV Misconceptions Part 2. Just as Marc Angelucci won the “Woods case” reported is episode 8 exposing legislative misconduct, attorney Richard Fine won the “Sturgeon case” exposing court misconduct. Truth about women killing husbands and children. The blatant misandry of S.T.O.P. grants. “Faith based organizations” accepting government money from “hate based organizations.”


firefox-gray Episode 10 - DV Misconceptions Part 3. Great dissertation by Ray Blumhorst addressing the truth that “Feminist Lies Make Bad Laws.” A report on the organization R.A.D.A.R. (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) and it's work in stopping the tide of government funding of the feminist agenda. A brief review of Tom James book, “Domestic Violence: The 12 things you aren't supposed to know.”