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Shovin Right Off For Court. Why?

firefox-gray “Transfer of wealth ” After all, its what Civil Court is for. My friend Eileen always reminds me that the issue is not a matter of good women against good men, and she's right. She says, It's all about money, and for the most part, she is right again. That being said, there is an undeniable hate group that is not in it, just for the money. Those monsters are the radial women and self-hating men who have hijacked feminism to advance their vengeful War on Men. We reach out to the good women of the world to put a stop to these FemiNazis, and stop the War on Men, Good Women, and the Traditional Family. We reach out to the voters to stop the government policies that fund the crimes committed by Judges in Family Court.

Recital HTFN Chapter 1

firefox-gray Chapter 1

Hotsy Totsy FemiNazi will be read aloud by Fred Sottile, the books author. This video is an introduction from the book, comments, and Chapter 1.

Sanitize Your Government

firefox-gray Sanitize Your Government is the answer to the question "But what can I do?" If done faithfully, it will return control of the government to you.

Bad People

firefox-gray There are Bad People I want to make two points here: Number One: Bad People need to be identified and dealt with righteously. Number Two: The powerful groups that I have mentioned, and others, many others, need to be self-sanitizing for their own integrity, or they must be dis-empowered.

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Our project in creating this website is first and foremost to educate. Our Country is in a state of turmoil and the call to activism should be clear. Most people realize that something needs to be done, but they are not sure as to what to do. Activism is needed in many aspects of our lives. We welcome "the people" to come forward and promote activism as it relates to them. We welcome the viewers to learn from the speakers who make their message clear on each episode of the show. We encourage our fellow Americans to do their civic duty and run their own country. The "changes" that we all agree are so sorely needed are not coming from the government, they can only come from activism. Ask anybody!

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