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Richard Fine's Activism - The YouTube Synopsis

firefox-gray “What’s With That Helmet?” – Since the story of Richard Fine takes study that can last for days, weeks or even months, Dennis asked Fred to stop by the studio and give as complete a synopsis as possible in ten minutes. He felt that a quick overview would help as a starting point for people who are new to the story. The helmet was a silly oversight that we decided to keep. Much to our surprise, people overwhelmingly liked it.

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Our project in creating this website is first and foremost to educate. Our Country is in a state of turmoil and the call to activism should be clear. Most people realize that something needs to be done, but they are not sure as to what to do. Activism is needed in many aspects of our lives. We welcome "the people" to come forward and promote activism as it relates to them. We welcome the viewers to learn from the speakers who make their message clear on each episode of the show. We encourage our fellow Americans to do their civic duty and run their own country. The "changes" that we all agree are so sorely needed are not coming from the government, they can only come from activism. Ask anybody!

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